The Ship



Anatoki was purchased in Japan in December 2007.

She was launched in 1992 named the Kaijin Maru No.18 and was renamed Anatoki before her delivery trip to New Zealand.

As a standard Japanese design and build, vessels of her type are common in Japan and trade as far afield as Korea and China.

The Kaijin Maru was built and operated by a ships engineer and used to carry steel mainly around the Sea of Japan.   She operated for the first 15 years of her life in Japan with a crew of 3.

On arrival in New Zealand work was carried out to make the ship better suited to her intended role as a carrier of Bulk Products.   This included plating some sections of the Hold to make her into a “Box Hold” vessel that was easier to clean between cargoes.   This work also added to the structural strength of the ship.   The Anatoki operates in New Zealand with a crew of 4.


The Anatoki dimensions are as follows.

Length Over All 51.00 Meters

Tonnage Length 44.98 Meters

Beam 8.30 Meters

Maximum Laden Draft    4.20 Meters

Deadweight 820 Tons

Gross Tonnage 561 Tons

The Anatoki is surveyed as a Non Passenger Ship under the New Zealand Safe Ship Management System and is surveyed to operate in New Zealand waters including the Offshore Limits.

In addition to its New Zealand Safe Ship Management Certificate the Anatoki also carries an International Tonnage Certificate, an International Load Line Certificate and an International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate.



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